Hack Apex Legends For PC, Xbox, ps4 New (Aimbot and Wallhack)

Everyone plays Apex legends in PC, and why anyone shouldn’t as it is addicting to shoot out those enemies. But you may get tired by increasing your level and skills after sometime. Therfore, Hack Apex Legends for PC, Xbox, and ps4┬ámakes the job easy.

In particular this hack provides you with Aimbot and Wallhack. So that whenever you’re shooting the enemies you don’t miss the aim. Similary, wallhack in Apex legends lets you go and see through the walls. That makes it easier.

Next time you play the battle royale with your friends, you can shock them with the level of aiming you get after using the hack. Downloading and using the hack for apex legends in pc is easy. I’ll walk you through it. Keep reading.

What is Hack Apex Legends PC

This hack tweaks the .exe file and data which you use to play the game in your computer. Once done, you can activate the hacks by downloading the folder which is provided below.

More than ever it provides you the ability to hack apex legends coins. So you can use your favourite weapons right there.

The only thing to take care about it, you’ll have to activate the hack each time before you play the game. Don’t worry about the hardware specifications as hacked Apex Legends in 2019 can be played in any PC with decent amount of RAM & processor.

If you’ve previously got your PC ban in EAC Games — though, you can play this game. No format required, hence it is anti-ban version. However, if you’re playing the game in xbox or xbox one. You can download the hack apex legends for xbox one down below.


  • Good performance
  • Team hack
  • Aimbot
  • Wallhack
  • Advance configuration
  • Health hack
  • Target Selector
  • Wide menu

Download Hack Apex Legends For PC

Download the below folder and open it. When ask for password type in “1234” and hit enter. After doing, follow the steps below to hack Apex legends in pc.

How to Hack Apex Legends in PC For Free

Step #1. Download the folder and extract it.

hack apex legends in pc

apex legends pc hack

Step #2. Now copy and paste the .exe file from the folder to your desktop.

Step #3. Next up, double click the .exe file to run.

apex legends .exe hack download

Step #4. Now, click on the Red button on the left in the pop up box.

activate hack in apex legends

Step #5. From the menu, check all the boxes and hit OK.

apex legens wallhack and aimbot

Step #6. Lastly, click activate and you’re done.

final step

Apex legends will open up in the hack mode providing you all the functionalites mentioned above.


That’s all ! Explore the features, play the game and tell your friends about the hack. This is the newest and the working hack in apex legends for Xbox and ps4 right now. Tell us how do you like the hack apex legends by leaving the comment down in the section below.

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Happy Hacking ! Peace.

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