Hotstar Video Downloader for PC and Android

Hotstar video downloader is used to download hotstar videos in hd quality,In this article I’ll show you complete method on how to download hotstar videos on PC or Mobile.

Hotstar and Hotstar Premium–

Hotstar is a video streaming platform which is most widely used these days. Its everyone’s first choice when comes to sports, movies, tv shows streaming.

Hotstar has free as well as premium plan for streaming media.If you want to use the premium plan for Free, use cookies.Hotstar offers numerous media in different languages.

If you are a premium user of hotstar you can get access to ad-free content with lots of extra features.This includes getting access to premium content, live sports, latest movies and much more. Premium Plan prices varies from country to country.Visit “HOTSTAR.COM” to know more.

Hotstar video downloader

Features —

  • Live Sports
  • Latest Movies and Tv Shows
  • HD Quality Videos 720p, 1080p.
  • Ad-Free Content
  • Watch Anywhere, Anytime, No limits.

So these were some of the features you get when you subscribe to hotstar.

Now lets talk about downloading hotstar videos, Hotstar doesn’t allow all videos to download, and if it allows downloading you should always watch the offline videos in hotstar application.

That doesn’t sounds cool, So here’s the method to download hotstar videos which you like, completely offline in your phone’s or Pc’s storage.

How to Download Hotstar Videos on PC ?

Hotstar Video Downloader for PC will allow you to download all the HD Quality videos in just few clicks, follow the below method to download the videos from Hotstar.

Step 1 : Firstly you must have hotstar account either free or premium for premium visit the above mentioned link.

Step 2 : Visit the website mentioned below, it will show up like this.

Download hotstar videos

Step: 3 : Use web-browser of your choice to open hotstar and navigate to the video which you want to store offline.

Step : 4 : From the top bar, copy the link of that particular video.

Copy Link to Download Videos

Step 5 : After copying the link, Click the “Download” button.

Step 6 : It will ask you the quality in which you want to download the video.

Step 7 : Click on the desired Quality and the download will start.

Hotstar Video Downloader for PC

How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android ?

Downloading hotstar videos is simple in android, Hotstar Video downloader for Android will allow you to do that in some simple steps.

Follow Along…

Step 1 : Download the application from below link and install it normally.

Step 2 : Open the app, and navigate to hotstar from widgets or type in hotstar’s official URL.

Hotstar Video downloader

Step 3 : How to download movies from Hotstar ? It’s easy enter the movie of your choice in hotstar search and open it.

Hotstar Movie Downloader

Step 4 : Once the movie start streaming, Click the red download button of INSTUBE App.

Download videos

Step 5 : It will show up with different qualities, choose the one and click “Download” button.

Hotstar video downloader

Hotstar Video Downloader for Android

Conclusion —

So that was the full method of saving hotstar videos offline to your device.Try this method on your android device as well as your PC. Many people are using the same method to download the media from official hotstar website.

Lets us know about your experience in the comment section and also don’t forget to rate the article, subscribe to the free notifications by clicking the bell icon on right corner.

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