How to Get Free 8000 UC in PUBG MOBILE

Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile:-

In this Article, I will show you the trick to get Free 8000 UC in Pubg Mobile. So now you can purchase the Royal Pass for free and many other things from PUBG mobile.

How to get Free 8000 UC in PUBG Mobile (Step-by-Step)

Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

  • Go To PlayStore And Redeem this & get 140 Credits
  • Code: 3VUFZ68L52E3KFARRYL01MP
  • Specific account only, try with all account

After Getting 140 Rs on Google Wallet You have to Follow these Steps:-

Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

  1. Detailed steps for Buying PUBG UC 6000 + 2100 FREE
  2. After getting 140 credits in the play store
  3. Open google opinion app, select USA country, postal code: 10010
  4. Then proceed, u will see 0.00 dollar in acc
  5. Now open Pubg and buy UC with that account

Note: If u choose India, u will see 0rs, u cant buy then,


Note: keep only 1 email in a phone in which u got 140, delete all payment methods

Those who r getting problem even after removing payment methods, showing the 7k amount.

  • Do this:-
  • For removing a payment method
  • Play store
  • Menu
  • Payment methods
  • More payment settings
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Close profile

Step to delete payment method…

1. Open this link in chrome:

2. Now open this one:

3. Now this:

Then choose reason & continue. Done!

Now Restart Pubg & Buy… It will show the same as previous but go ahead & buy, it will show error. Now back it will start showing in USD $.

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