How to get free Season 7 Elite Royal Pass PUBG MOBILE

Everyone wants to increase there royal pass in PUBG as of season 7 it is quite easy. Today I will show you the best trick on How to get free season 7 elite royal pass in PUBG MOBILE.

How to get free Season 7 Elite Royal Pass :

How to get Free season 6 elite royal pass

By following this method you can get free season 7 royal pass so lets get started.

This is 1000% legit method and your PUBG account will not get banned.

First of all download an app called Databuddy app from this below button.Register using your phone number.This app will give you 10 Rs per refer.No other app provides such high refer fees.

Download DataBuddy App

How to get free royal pass season 6

This app also includes different tasks with which you can get money and use that money to get Elite Royal pass this is the most legit and easy way to get Royal Pass.

Different type of DataBuddy tasks include :

  • Downloading the apps.
  • Register for app and keeping them for some amount of time.
  • Surf the web.
  • Giving your opinions.
  • Playing videos.
  • Your money will be transfered to you instantly.

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