Raincity VPN Apk Download

Raincity VPN apk helps PUBG and other battle royale game players to hack the game without getting banned. The app supports multiple hosts, and you can download the gaming VPN apk file here.

Why to use VPN? If you’ve ever tried to hack PUBG Mobile or any other online game, you might have suffered from banning. But here’s the way to ignore that, let’s see.

What is Raincity VPN App

It is a custom VPN of choice by PUBG players; this works by uploading an anti-ban host file to the VPN service. Once done, the VPN will take care of banning. i.e. it doesn’t let the PUBG Servers know what’s happening.

I’ll also provide you with the whole method of using this app. Don’t stop reading yet.

Raincity VPN Apk is developed by Raincity Gaming Company, which is one of the well-known head in the gaming industry. It has a lot of other apps to check out.

Previously, we’ve used Strange VPN Apk to hack PUBG and it works like charm. The advantage of using this app over it is just because of is ability to support multiple host files at once.

The VPN keeps interchanging different hosts, therefore making the ban impossible. Here’s the additional info for the app.

Additional Information

NameRaincity VPN
Size14 MiB
Developed byRaincity Gaming

Download Raincity VPN Apk

Download the Apk file from the below mentioned link. Once downloaded, follow the steps provided in this tutorial.

If you want to know how to hack PUBG Mobile, we’ve a full in-detail guide on that, which works without any ban. Don’t forget to check it out.


  • Light Weight
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Better suited for hacking online games.
  • The VPN supports multiple languages.
  • Raincity supports Android Pie or lower versions.
  • Else, you explore

Now, that we’ve already learned how it works and what it offers, let us dive deeper and see it in action.

How to Install and Use Raincity VPN For PUBG

Most importantly, you need to download the Anti-ban host file, in order to upload it on the VPN. Get it here

Step #1.Download the Apk file from the link mentioned above.

Step #2. Install the app and give it all permissions.

how to install raincity vpn apk in andorid

Step #3. Lauch Raincity VPN apk → Click on raincity gaming vpn apk to open up the menu.


Step #4. Next click on Import Hosts, then on the next screen give the Host file a name.

How to import multiple hosts in vpn


Step #5. Finally, click on import file, and navigate to the host file you’ve downloaded, and select it.

Repeat step 4 to import multiple hosts.


So, guys, that’s it. Install the Raincity VPN Apk and give it a try. Now, whenever you kill more than ten enemies after hacking PUBG, don’t forget to comment down in the section below.

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Until then, I’ll go and look for some other interesting apps to share with you. Peace.

Happy hacking!

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