Speaky Language Exchange Apk 10.1.7 Latest Version Download

Speaky Language Exchange Apk allows you to find your language mate/partner from around the globe. It is the best language learning app in the industry to talk about. So, today I’ll provide you the direct link to download Speaky Apk Latest version apk file.

Everyone of you may have ever searched for the reliable language app, texting app or dating app. Although, who doesn’t like a cool company in life. Agree? If yes, then install speaky app and get in touch with your partner in language learning.

The problem with other apps is, you come accross someone with whole different language, and you can’t be comfortable with them. But Speaky App is like open window to Connect thousands of your language mates.

So you don’t have to get Google Translate App while talking to a girl or boy from your native country.

Description Of Speaky Language Exchange Apk

So you’re learning a new language and trying to be dualingo?. Good news ! Speaky Apk makes it easy, you can make friends and come across the people who are learning the same language as you.

Practice Spanish, Turkish, French etc. by texting, calling, or video calling. It’s easy then ever before. You can even offer the help to other peoples out there, if you’re fluent at speaking any native language.

It has a filteration option which makes your conversation to start instantly within minutes. So, 10 minutes of conversation in Spanish when you’re in a subway, with you spanish partner isn’t a big thing any more.

This app is developed by Speaky Team, and you’d definately want to thanks them after using this application. Anyway let us see some additional information on this.

Additional Information

App Name Speak — Language Exchange Apk
Size 26 MB
Last Updated 5 July 2019

Download Speaky Language Exchange Apk

Download the latest version of apk file from the below link or the Mirror link. If you want to go for the older versions for any reasons, I’ll provide you the link for that too.

Here are some of the features that Speaky app offers.

Special Features Of Speak Apk

  • Extremly user effective – By user effective I mean that you can find what you want, without being hanging over in the UI.
  • User Friendly – User interface is worth giving 5 Stars
  • Sign Up easily – Facebook or Google Sign in will get you up and running.
  • Text Chat –  Chat with text and emojis
  • Video Chat – Video calling supported
  • File Sharing –  This feature is comming soon (but you can surely share images).
  • Audio messages – Sending an audio recording isn’t possible yet.

How to Install Speaky Language Exchange Apk

Step #1. Download the apk file from the link mentioned above.

Step #2. Next, browse for the downloaded file and tap on it.

Step #3. Install it and give all the permissons needed.

Step #4. Launch the App and Explore.


Note : User Interface is so simple, that you don’t need a manual for that. Try it out and let me know if you face any issues.


So that’s it ! For those who are at the conclusion part first, I should say — Speaky Language Exchange Apk helps you to connect with people who are native in speaking any language that you want to learn. You can talk to them, and become a dualingo in just no time.

Share this app to your friends or family and help them to learn a new language. If you have any doubts or confusions, ask in the comment section we’re up to reply you as soon as possible.

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Happy hacking ! Peace.

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