Strange Vpn Apk Download

Strange VPN Download

[kkstarratings]In this article, I will give you the download link of Strange VPN APK. So now you can download the strange Vpn app to hack Pubg mobile using Host

About Strange VPN

strange vpn

Strange-Vpn is an app which provides VPN hosts and its popular for PUBG Mobile Hacking. Moreover, you can also use it to open PUBG Mobile crates to get more rewards. It works by uploading a host file on to it, once done it will connect you to the VPN Service as specified in the host file. Downloading and Using Strange VPN is super easy. Let’s see how it works.

How to Download Strange VPN

Hack PUBG MOBILE GAME (Unlimited Ammo,Health,Aimbot)


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  1. First of all Download Strange VPN.
  2. Now Install the Strange-Vpn Like Normal App.
  3. Now you can enjoy the VPN Host.
  4. Enjoy PUBG Hacking Too.

Note: You’ll need an Anti-Ban Host file, for the Strange-VPN to work. Download it here

How to Use Anti-Ban Host File in Strange VPN

Step #1. Install and Launch Strange VPN.

Step #2. Now click on SELECT HOSTS FILE.


Step #3. Browse for the host file, you just downloaded.

Anti ban host file in strange vpn

Step #4. Finally, tap OK for the connection request and you’ll get connected.

 Strange VPN Host

To Disconnect, simply toggle the green switch to OFF


  • Can I Hack PUBG Mobile using Strange Host?
  • Yes, you can change the host file and easily hack PUBG Mobile.


  • Are there any chances of disconnection while playing the game?
  • No, because it uses the host file.


  • What is the maximum bandwidth of this VPN?
  • Unlimited, be a connected whole day.

Final Words

I Hope You will Like the Strange Vpn App. Now, that you know how to use the VPN service and host file as well, enjoy hacking different online games. For More Posts like this Subscribe our Newsletter for more updates.

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